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p762-R 1.5

Afshan shah abbasi RED 700 Reeds

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Afshan shahabbasi RED 150x225cm 700 Reeds

Afshan shahabbasi RED

The Traditional  Persian Rug P762-R3.37 in red is made using a 700 reeds Wilton viscose construction with a superb quality, 100% Heatset cotton pile. Afshan shahabbasi red rug has a super soft feel and is colourfast, water repellant and stain resistant. An elegant choice for any home or office.

The special construction technique and fine hand finishing help to create the authentic "hand made" look, while the colours and rich palette have been mellowed slightly so this quality can sit well with both traditional and contemporary furnishings.

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Design : Afshan shahabbasi RED
Reeds : 700 handlook
Picks/Meter : 2550
Colors 8
Points/m2 : 1,190,000
Knots/m2 :595,000
Warp yarn : 80%Polyester/20%cotton
Pile yarn : Acrylic(heatset)
Pile height : 10±1mm
Weft yarn : 100%Cotton